Respond Faster and Engage Where Your Customers Already Are

Teleperformance remote workers and bots collaborate in a single cloud
workspace delivering the business continuity you need and the services
your customers expect.

Integrating A.I. with Teleperformance’s Cloud Shoring Solutions, brands can divert voice to digital messaging channels to answer questions from customers 24/7 while enhancing business continuity capacity and digital presence.

Your Customers already embrace conversational commerce on a variety of digital messaging channels including SMS, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp along with messaging on your brand's website or mobile app.

Agents and bots collaborate in a single cloud workspace that is easy to route, monitor, measure and manage. Handle millions of conversations across the most popular messaging channels

Diverting voice to digital messaging and enabling an AI-based virtual assistant you can automatically answer the questions from your customers 24/7 while enhancing your Business Continuity capacity and Digital presence. 

Integrate our solution with Teleperformance’s Working at Home and IVR- Deflection from Voice-to-WhatsApp. Ensure customer's queries will be handled in an efficient and customer-friendly way while limiting the time and effort needed from IT.

Digitizing the many types of customer journeys requires a clear set of digital assets


28 years old

During the Atlantic hurricane season, 

a storm damaged her car.

Digital Claim


Isabelle receives a push message – “how to prevent a car damage during summer season”.

Digital first notice of loss

She notifies her insurer about the damage via a simple, intuitive mobile notification integrated with the IVR.

Digital Claims


Isabelle’s claim is analyzed, fraud checked in real time and classified as simple claim (glass damage).


and Repair

She selects a repair appointment with a nearby shop; Isabelle’s car is picked up at her office for repair.



Isabelle’s insurance receives the repair invoice, which is automatically checked and paid. 

Automated & intuitive interactions with brands via telematics

Automated intelligent case management and fraud detection

Digital repair-shop assessment and appointment

Automated voice verification and payment processing

Push notifications with warnings and tips.

Enhancing business continuity capacity and digital presence.

Customers want to be able to ask their questions or book their tables 24/7 and receive immediate answers. Our solution is a great way to facilitate that, at minimal disruption.

An emergency could be any unexpected or sudden problem involving customers who depend on your help, or a promotion that is generating more results than you forecasted. Learn how you can keep up with consumers.


Global Ultra-fast and Efficient Deployment During Crisis Times.

Launching a new product is no small undertaking. So imagine doing it during a global pandemic. Learn more about the strategy and solution for this Global Media & Entertainment conglomerate. 

  • Multi-Shore & Multi-Language Operations across key strategic locations across EMEA and Latin America. 
  • B.E.S.T. Project Management: Agility and Alignment with Global and Local Stakeholders.
  • Work at Home Solution:  Key operational positions and front-line people to the Work-at-Home model. 

"The Rise of the Bots", a panel conversation about the "New Normal".

We have recently organized an event as part of our "Path to New Normal" webinar series to discuss how top-tier global brands are leveraging automation to innovate, differentiate and prepare themselves to win in the so-called "New Normal".

In the relatively near "new normal", the digital customer relationship tends to become a commodity. However, people can still do something that machines cannot: they can inject emotion into the customer relationship. 


Diverting Voice To Digital Messaging Channels To Answer The Questions From Your Customers 24/7 While Enhancing Your Business Continuity Capacity And Digital Presence.

Enabling seamless transitions between automation/bots (AI and directed dialog) and humans (assisted service). 

Ease integration with legacy systems and quick deployment in a Work-at-Home environment.

Automated & intuitive digital interactions reducing response time and increasing CX

Language agnostic solution with the ability to integrate with platforms like Unbabel

CX Improvement with Increased Customer Satisfaction and NPS

Reduced Price per Contact and Improved Total Cost of Ownership

Deflecting to Asynchronous Channel Ensuring Higher Productivity

Voice Deflection Enabling Higher Level of Automation (Bot) Efficiency

Integration with Work at Home Ensuring Smooth Business Continuity

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